Find hidden files on web pages

The files must be in the same URL directory
Numeric files eg z.B. 123.jpg, 567.pdf
Related files eg: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg, …

1. How many tabs do you want to open?

2. Add the link below to the field: [https://...]
3. Select the number: [.../123.jpg]
4. press [Open]
5. Allow pop-ups in the browser

Open all files/photos from any URL directory

Many files on web pages are sorted numerically, such as image galleries, where each image file has its own number (www.rainer.li/12.jpg).
In many cases, there are many more hidden images or files in the same directory.
A simple trick to track the hidden files on web pages sometimes helps to add or subtract the numbers in the URL file (12 .jpg, 13 .jpg, 14 .jpg). The numbers can be typed individually by hand or you can simply use this tool to do the tedious and slow work.
Test it yourself. Each file automatically opens a new tab in your browser.

Allow pop-ups

For this tool to automatically open the new taps, they must allow pop-ups in their browser.
Instructions can be found here:

Chrome browser:

Firefox browser: